“Smart Fungal Advice Model.”

The extensive use of plant protection products is a social challenge. In the agricultural sector, worldwide billions of dollars are spent on combating fungi with chemical agents. Despite all these efforts, the attacks still have a significant negative effect on the proceeds. And the use of these agents is harmful to humans and animals.

Usually, the chemical is administered according to a manufacturer’s standard recipe. However, this is not a guarantee of success. Fungi develop on the basis of the effects of climatic conditions at that moment. No season is the same, so these fungi also develop differently every season.

In recent years, new knowledge and technology have developed at a huge pace, which can have a positive effect on the ease of use and accuracy of current mold advice models. This includes geo technology, multi-spectral images (satellite imagery, UAV, tractor sensors etc.), highly improved weather models, data analyzes, public data sets, etc.

By acquiring this knowledge, and implementing these innovations around us, the current user thresholds can be eliminated and the models retained its state-of-the-art headline position in the world.

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