Irrigation Management

“Internationalization and renewal Dacom Irrigation Management.”

Dacom’s advisory services have been proven for more than 25 years, especially for farmers. The current services platform is Windows based. Dacom would like to unlock this via the Internet and therefore launched a project in which its advisory services are being renewed to online and mobile technology. In order to better serve the foreign market, significant innovations must be carried out both in the hardware and software and in the communication.

Results of the project:

1. 32 prototypes DSGs (Dacom Sensor Gateway) that can store and send data from the field to the internet via multiple international communication protocols.

2. 32 soil moisture sensors with a substantial improvement in the housing so that it is suitable for delivery in various lengths suitable for different international crops

3. Software prototype that allows the measured information to be stored in cloud databases and online and mobile can be accessed.

4. Test results of field trials conducted in various continents of the combination of prototypes below 1.2 and 3.

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