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19 December 2018

Tips field plan 2019

The end of the year is nearby. Make sure you have a great start in 2019 and create your field plan. Some useful tips:

  • When creating a new field plan, copy the crop fields from an earlier field plan. After, you can always add or remove fields. This saves a lot of time.
  • Before (or shortly after) closing the year, check the stock in the barn. When closing the year, the current stock will transfer to the new year.
  • To make a great start, it is also useful to check our instruction videos and manuals. Such as our Crop Recording video and manual which goes into the basic features of crop recording such as drawing in fields, recordings, adding contacts, installing app and our mobile Crop Recording app. You can check out all our instruction videos at our YouTube-channel.
  • In Dacom it is very useful to work with a planning. This makes your work efficient and organized. When creating a planning, the applier can see the planning (also in the mobile app) and perform it. This video shows you how to work with a planning.
  • Because it the end of 2018 is nearby, you can create complete reports. For example an Operation Overview with all the fields, recordings and cost overview. You can download the overview in the Record screen. Select one or more fields, press the cloud shapes icon and press Operation Overview.