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Up-to-date records ; no more notes on the back of a cigar box

Cor Biemond(36) from Bierum is a grower who cultivates seed materials. He started processing the growing data of his seed potatoes, sugar beets, seed onions and grains via Dacom’s crop recording system a couple of months ago. “The Comwaes system I used to work with is cumbersome and has all kinds of unclear abbreviations. You also had to pay extra for every single feature. Dacom’s system (previously Crop-R) is very visual.

“Great that you immediately get to see your own fields in good-quality aerial photographs“

— Cor Biemond

As we also rent land for growing seed potatoes we have fields in different places, and they don’t have a straight shape. Because we are a growing business, recording has become a lot more laborious. In the past we could write the data on the back of a cigar box, but that’s no longer possible. Especially because of all the food safety requirements.

“It’s a clever idea that it’s not the user but the customer who pays. If the customer needs the inspection data, they have to pay for it.“

— Cor Biemond

The system is easy to use. My father Wim (59) also uses it, and so do our two employees. Later this summer, four of us are going to select seed potatoes – look for diseased plants – and we’ll record the data directly on our phone. We will then know immediately which fields we’ve done, and how high the disease pressure is.

Dacom has added an extra feature for this in the system. That only involved one phone call. Later during the growing season in particular, we’ll use the system to the full.

No more extra paperwork, which was desperately needed in our sector. The fear that the data ends up in the wrong hands is understandable, but I’ve been assured that I will remain in charge of my own completed data. A small disadvantage of a system like this is that everything is in black and white, and the reality can sometimes be a bit more complex than the theory. But anyway, the grower decides what he does or doesn’t enter.


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